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Virtual Terminal Solution

Accept Payments Anytime, Anywhere

Virtual Terminal Solution

Accept payments anytime, from anywhere, using only your PC and an Internet connection. Virtual Merchant is a complete hosted payment solution by Elavon which instantly transforms your computer into a "virtual" payment terminal.

You can process credit card transactions by:

  • Swiping the customer's card if present.
  • Mail order/telephone order.
  • E-commerce website.

Virtual Merchant

With Virtual Merchant, you can convert your web-enabled PC into a cost-effective payment terminal and enjoy full e-commerce capabilities. Not sure if you want to go totally virtual? With an optional card reader and PIN pad device, you can manually swipe debit and credit cards with your customers present. Enjoy the best of both worlds!

Virtual Merchant is also able to handle recurring and installment payments - perfect for doctors' offices, gyms, tanning studios, etc. This program offers complete security. Best of all, Virtual Merchant is designed to integrate with compatible shopping carts allowing you to link this program with your company website. 

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