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Smartphone Application

Smartphone and Tablet Payment Application for iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry Devices

Mobile Payment Application

PivotalMOBILE is a payment solution that fits in the palm of your hand, giving you access to anytime, anywhere credit card processing using your smartphone or tablet.

  • Perform sales and refunds with quick, easy-to-use and flexible transaction management functions.
  • User-friendly online reporting allows you to keep tabs on your transaction history in real-time.
  • Web Reporting with Pivotal360 - Monitor Your Transactions Anytime, Anywhere
  • Editable tax rates allow for sales from multiple locales or jurisdictions.
  • Collect tips easier than ever with the quick tip feature.
  • Verify transactions with on-screen signature capture.

PivotalMOBILE is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry devices.

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